OUR LATEST Engagement, wedding, proposal, honeymoon and family  photo Services

We are very happy to share with you our latest Photo Shoots.

You can find Engagement, Elopement and Proposal Photoshoots in Venice Italy, Weddings in Verona, Garda Lake, Venice and Florence.

All of them tell a story lived in our amazing country, and as a Professional Photographer can do, I wanted to show you their feelings.

Choosing the right Photographer in Venice or anywhere in Italy for your Wedding is a very important choice because you will remember your Big Day with the Photos that the Photographer will capture. 

We love to take candid shots because every pictures will remind you of a specific moment.

As a Photographer in Venice I partecipate to lot of Weddings, Proposals, and Couple Photo Shoot but every time is different because in front of me I have different people who act to emotions in so many different ways. And in any Wedding or Proposal or Couple Photo Session I will tell your story.

Carlo and Liz are Wedding Photographers native in Venice and if you choose to get married in Venice is an important factor. Venice for the entire year is crowed by tourists and, if you are not doing the Photoshoot at sunrise when it's still empty, sometimes is not possible to Photograph everywhere. But since they are born and raised in Venice they will guide you in the most authentic places that Venice can offer and that tourists don't know. 

If you want to hire your best Wedding Photographer in Venice and in the entire Italy contact us, we'll be happy to share with you our thought, our style in order to give you the best memories you have ever imagined.

Wedding at Ca' Sagredo Hotel Venice. Luca and Kirsten

Wedding at Aman Hotel Venice. Zosia and Sebastian

Wedding at Villa Pacchierotti, Padua. Eleonora and Nicolò

photographer venice italy

Engagement in Venice. Gracia and Lorenzo

photographer venice italy

Engagement in Venice. Federica and Claudio

Wedding at Storica Hostaria Baracca, Padua. Valentina and Massimo

Wedding at Castello Bevilacqua, Verona. Victoria and Raffaele

Wedding Photoshoot in Burano Island. Helen and Wilson

Surprise Proposal in Venice. Matthias and Sabina

venice photoshoot

Couple Photoshoot in Venice. Sara and Patrick

Pre-Wedding in Venice. Duy and Jennifer

engagement photographer

Engagement in Venice. Mike and Ariana

Wedding Photoshoot in Venice. Mitchell and Samantha

photographer venice

Engagement in Venice. Chris and Ayres

Couple Photoshoot in Venice. Lindsay and Shannon

Engagement Photoshoot. Blake and Jessica

Honeymoon in Venice. Diana and Barah

Couple Photoshoot in Venice. Alondra and Andress

Vacation Photo Shoot. Crystal and Bennet

wedding photographer

Wedding at Ca' Sagredo Hotel Venice. Jennifer and Tommy

Wedding photoshoot in Venice. Amanda and Paul

Honeymoon in Venice. Mrdula and Sanesh

Gay Photoshoot in Venice. Evelyn and Crista

photographer venice

Honeymoon in Venice. Giorgio and Natalia

Engagement Photoshoot. Andrew and Daisy

Couple Photo Shoot in Venice. Megan and Dylan

Duaa and her family

anniversary photographer

photoshoot in venice

photographer venice italy

photographer venice italy

venice wedding photographer

proposal photographer in venice

wedding proposal in venice
wedding in venice italy

engagement photographer florence

pre wedding photography in venice

vacation shooting in venice

family photographer in venice

wedding in venice italy shooting

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