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Venice is a romantic and enchanting city and its innumerable places hidden among the small streets and bridges create a unique athmosphere. Celebrating an important moment of your life with a Photoshoot is a fun and romantic experience at the same time, and it will remain in your heart forever because if you don't remember it there will be some lovely photos that will do it.

Whether you are talking about a Wedding Photoshoot, a Couple Photo Shoot or an Engagement Photo Shoot, our style will give you emotions that will last forever. Each photo will be treated in detail with my my passion and art.

I love being a Photographer in Venice because I like to give away the emotions you have experienced in a city that leaves you breathless.

Sometimes, however, there isn't an important event to celebrate, sometimes our clients choose their best Photographer in Venice to make a new experience or simply to remember a trip to a country that is amazing to immortalize. 

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