my work in bnw by cb photographer venice

Welcome to my Black and White Photography Gallery, a space where my passion for the timeless elegance of monochrome images comes to life. Here, you’ll discover a collection that highlights the power and beauty of black and white photography, showcasing moments and scenes that transcend color to capture the essence of their subjects.


Photography, for me, is an art form that allows us to see the world in new and profound ways. While my core business revolves around vibrant, colorful images of families and weddings in Venice, this gallery offers a glimpse into a different aspect of my artistic journey. Black and white photography strips away the distraction of color, focusing on the raw emotion, texture, and contrast that define each moment.


In this gallery, you’ll find a diverse array of subjects, each image a study in light and shadow. From the intricate patterns of natural landscapes to the striking architecture of urban environments, these photos reveal a world where details come to the forefront, and the play of light and dark creates a powerful narrative. The absence of color brings a unique intensity and clarity to each scene, allowing you to see familiar subjects in a new light.


This collection represents my ongoing exploration and appreciation of black and white photography. It’s a medium that challenges me to think differently, to look beyond the surface, and to capture the true essence of my subjects. Each photo is a reflection of my dedication to the craft and my love for the timeless quality that black and white images possess.


I invite you to explore this gallery and immerse yourself in the stories that each photograph tells. These images are a testament to my passion for capturing the world in its most essential form, and I hope they resonate with you as they do with me. If any of these photos move you or inspire you, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Your feedback and connection are invaluable to me.


Thank you for visiting and sharing in my love for black and white photography.

Streets of Bangkok

LongTail Boat driver, Krabi 

Railay Beach, Krabi