Carnival Photoshoot Photographer in Venice


Its origins are ancient: the first dates back to a document of the king Falier of 1094, where it speaks of public entertainment and the word Carnival was mentioned for the first time.


The Carnival festival was attributed by the Venetian aristocrathic people to the need of the Serenissima Republic, to grant the population, especially to the poor people, a period dedicated entirely for fun, during which the Venetians flocked throughout the city to celebrate with music and dancing.


Through the anonymity that masks and costumes guaranteed, a sort of leveling of all social divisions was obtained and even the public derision of the authorities and aristocracy was authorized. These concessions were largely tolerated and considered a providential for the tensions and discontent that inevitably arose within the Republic of Venice, which placed strict limits on its citizens on issues such as common morals and public order.

Venice Carnival Photo Shoot

Many clients are looking for a Photographer for a Costume Photo Shoot during the Venice Carnival and we are happy to give you all the information that may be useful to you.
During a Carnival Photoshoot we will take you to wonderful places and small glimpses with breathtaking views in which you and the magical Venice will be the protagonists.
During the Photoshoot  we will walk together posing with your spectacular costumes.
We have published some Photos from a Carnival Photoshoot to show you the style that characterizes us. This couple rented the costumes for the photo shoot and then used them during the prestigious Doge's Ball party held every year during Carnival.

Venice Carnival Photographer...FAQ

How long does the Venice Carnival last?

Carnival in Venice lasts between 10 and 15 days. Every year the date changes and usually occurs between February and March, however the date varies as it depends on the date of Easter.

What date is Carnival in Venice?

This year (2024) the carnival will start on Saturday 27 January and end on Tuesday 13 February.

It changes every year so check this link for the exact period

Where can I rent the costume for the Carnival Photoshoot?

The costumes are very expensive as they are handmade and require months of work, therefore it is certainly more convenient to rent them for the Venice Carnival Photoshoot.
These are the best ateliers in Venice:
Atelier la Bauta

Sogno Veneziano Atelier
Nicolao Atelier

 Atelier Antonia Sautter

How long in advance should I contact the Photographer for the Carnival Photoshoot in Venice?

The sooner you contact the Venice Carnival photographer, the better! The Carnival in Venice is a unique and prestigious event and many people request a unique photo shoot that will remain a precious memory.


Can I do the Carnival Photoshoot in Venice only with a Venetian mask?

Of course, the photo shoot during the Venice Carnival can also be done with just a mask that can be worn even for only part of the photo shoot.
There are two types of masks: the souvenir ones that can be purchased in shops and stalls and have a low cost and then there are the real Venetian masks which are handcrafted products and have a higher cost and can be purchased in specialized shops in Venice

What time of day do you recommend for taking photos during the Carnival photo shoot?

During the Venice Carnival tourism is skyrocketing and consequently it is possible to do it at dawn when the city is still asleep.The light is also much better at sunrise and the photographer can take amazing photos during the Carnival Photoshoot in Venice.
In February sunrise is around 7.30am so the photo shoot will start at 7.45am.


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