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Engagement Photography in Venice

Is there anything more romantic than celebrate your Engagement or honeymoon with a Photoshoot in Venice

You will live a fun and romantic experience at the same time and you are going to discover Venice not just as tourists. I will take you to the most popular (and amazing) areas but also in some unbelievably beautiful spot that just a native knows.

If you want me to be your Photographer  in Venice contact me and I'll be happy to share with you my rates and talk to you to understand what suits you more.

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Venice Engagement Photoshoot: Capturing the Magic of Eternal Love

Beneath the romantic skies of Venice, where history and art intertwine with the enchanting lagoon, an eternal love is born.*


An love that is celebrated with a Venice engagement photoshoot, an unforgettable experience that immortalizes your promise of happiness.



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Why choose Venice for your engagement photoshoot?

A dream setting:* Venice is a unique city in the world, full of picturesque canals, historic palaces, and breathtaking views. Every corner offers a perfect setting for your photos, creating a magical and evocative atmosphere.


Perfect light:* The light of Venice is unique, especially at sunrise, when the city is bathed in warm and romantic colors. Natural light enhances details and creates a fairytale atmosphere.


Iconic backgrounds:* From famous bridges like the Bridge of Sighs to the narrow and evocative streets, Venice offers a variety of iconic backgrounds that will make your photos unforgettable.


An exciting experience:* A Venice Engagement Photoshoot is an exciting and romantic experience that will allow you to live the city in a special way and create unique memories with your partner. 

What CB Photographer Venice offers?

Professionalism:* We are Professional Photographers with extensive experience in Engagement Photoshoots in Venice. I know the city like the back of my hand and I know how to capture its most evocative corners to create unique and special photos.


Creativity:* Our photographic style is creative and romantic, able to capture the essence of your love and tell its story through images.


 Flexibility:* We offer different options for your Engagement Photoshoot, based on your needs and budget.


Post-production:* Your photos will be carefully post-produced to achieve an excellent and lasting resultin a very short time.


Your Venice engagement photoshoot will be an unforgettable experience that will give you precious memories to cherish forever.*


*Contact Us today to book your Venice engagement photoshoot and start dreaming of your future together!*


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