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gm wedding studio

We are Giorgia and Matteo, couple in life and work from over 10 years. We found out that love wes our chemistry and that we could join passion from cinema with it.


When we started we knew that spmething new was necessary: not the old-fashioned heavy wedding movies but something lighter and linked to emotions.

So we developed Reportage Style as our own.


During wedding days we love to be your invisible anchor. We are there to record your big emotions, but we'll never be invasive because you both deserve to enjoy the best day of your life!!!


Then in our studio we will edit your footage based on you, your day and the emotions we experienced through you.. We love details and decors.


Here what we'll give to you:

- 5 minutes "highlights video": capturing the most exciting and important moments of the wedding day.

- 20 minutes "movie video": the full and exciting story, with original audio and customized music.


We have the most exciting and beautiful job in the world and we feel lucky to live it together.


Giorgia and Matteo