Wedding at Castello Bevilacqua Verona

Capturing a wedding at the magnificent Castello Bevilacqua in Verona is always an enchanting experience, and the celebration of Victoria and Raffaele was no exception. The historic grandeur of the castle provided the perfect backdrop for a day filled with love, laughter, and joyous moments.



The Preparations

 The day began with the meticulous preparations of both the bride and groom. Raffaele and his groomsmen started their morning in one of the castle’s elegant suites. Amidst the camaraderie and laughter, there was a palpable sense of excitement. The groom looked dashing in his tailored suit, every detail meticulously chosen to complement the sophisticated setting of Castello Bevilacqua.



In a nearby suite, Victoria was surrounded by her bridesmaids, each helping her prepare for the big day. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and joy. The bride's dress, an exquisite creation, was a perfect blend of elegance and tradition. Her makeup and hair were flawlessly styled, enhancing her natural beauty. As she stepped into her dress, the room was filled with gasps of admiration. The moments of final touches – the placement of the veil, the fastening of the shoes – were tender and emotional, captured beautifully through our lens.

The Ceremony


The ceremony took place in the castle's breathtaking courtyard, adorned with floral arrangements that added a touch of romance to the medieval architecture. As guests took their seats, the air was filled with a sense of anticipation. Raffaele stood at the altar, his eyes reflecting a mixture of excitement and nervousness. The moment Victoria appeared, escorted down the aisle, was truly magical. The sunlight filtered through the castle walls, casting a golden glow on the couple as they exchanged vows.

The ceremony was a blend of heartfelt words, exchanged rings, and tearful smiles. The officiant's words were touching and personal, adding a special significance to the proceedings. As the couple sealed their vows with a kiss, the courtyard erupted in applause and cheers, signaling the beginning of their new journey together.


The Reception

Following the ceremony, guests were invited to the castle's grand hall for the reception. The hall was a vision of elegance, with tables adorned with exquisite floral centerpieces and shimmering candles. The atmosphere was one of celebration and joy, as friends and family gathered to honor the newlyweds.

The reception began with a sumptuous meal, a true culinary delight. Each course was carefully crafted, offering a taste of Verona's finest cuisine. The speeches that followed were filled with heartfelt sentiments, laughter, and a few happy tears. Toasts were raised, and glasses clinked in celebration of the couple's love and happiness.



The Afternoon

As the afternoon progressed, the festivities moved to the castle's beautiful gardens. Here, the couple shared their first dance as husband and wife, a moment of pure romance under the open sky. The gardens provided a picturesque setting for candid shots of guests mingling, children playing, and couples enjoying the serene surroundings.


The dance floor quickly filled with guests eager to join in the celebration. The lively music and spirited dances created an atmosphere of joy and excitement. It was a time for everyone to let loose and enjoy the festivities, creating memories that would be cherished for years to come.

Evening Revelry

As the sun set and the evening grew darker, the celebration continued with even more enthusiasm. The castle’s interior was illuminated with soft, ambient lighting, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The DJ kept the energy high with a mix of classic hits and contemporary favorites, ensuring that the dance floor remained packed.

 The evening also featured a few surprises, including a spectacular fireworks display that lit up the night sky. The bursts of color and light were a fitting tribute to the love and joy that had been celebrated throughout the day. The newlyweds were at the center of it all, sharing smiles and laughter with their guests.


The wedding of Victoria and Raffaele at Castello Bevilacqua was a day of beauty, emotion, and unforgettable moments. From the intimate preparations to the joyous ceremony, from the elegant reception to the spirited dances, every part of the day was filled with love and happiness. As photographers, it was an honor to capture these precious memories, preserving them for the couple to cherish forever. The historic charm of Castello Bevilacqua and the genuine love between Victoria and Raffaele made this wedding truly magical.

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