Quinseanera venice photographer


The best Venice quinceanera photographer

If you want your daughter to be like a princess in an enchanted place you are in the right place! 

Many girls don't want a big party but are looking for something different but fun at the same time: a Quinceanera Photoshoot in Venice. And here we come in, quinces photographers in Venice!

How many hours does a Venice Quinceanera Photo Shoot last?

There are packages ranging from 60 minutes to 2 hours. The difference of the various packages obviously also varies according to the number of Photos taken. We are not looking at the clock, the Photoshoot ends when we are sure that we have obtained all the necessary Photos.

What are the best locations for the Quinceanera Photoshoot in Venice?

The Quinseanera Photoshoot usually starts in Piazza San Marco, the best known part of Venice and then  we continue to take pictures in the wonderful bridges and narrow streets that characterize Venice. Being a Quinceanera Photographer based in Venice, we know countless breathtaking locations not surrounded by tourists.

How many outfits to change for the Quinceanera photoshoot?

We recommend having at least two outfits, possibly wide and fluttering as they make each Photo more spectacular

Posing for a Quinceanera Photoshoot following the instruction of a Venice Quinceanera Photographer

Posing is not always easy, especially at the age of fifteen when shyness often takes over. In this case we will help the 15-year-old girl to pose in the best possible way without her feeling uncomfortable. There are several tricks that will keep her entertained!


Where to stay on the day of the Venice Quinceanera Photoshoot?

We recommend staying in Hotels or apartments near Piazza San Marco as, as there are several outfit changes, it is the most handy solution.

Hair and Makeup for the Quinceanera Photoshoot in Venice:

Having the makeup and hairstyle done by a professional Makeup artist and Hairstylist in Venice makes the difference in the Photoshoot. And this is also a fun experience that all 15-year-olds always appreciate very much (www.weddingmakeupvenice.com). 

How soon will I get the photos of the Venice Quinceanera Photoshoot?

The photos will be sent digitally in 3-5 days. Delivering our photos in a short time is essential for us and is the reason why we do not accept too many Quinceanera Photoshoot in Venice every month. The photos are edited with our CB preset and color correction.

Is it possible to do a gondola ride during the Venice Quinceanera Photoshoot?

Absolutely Yes, in our career as Quinceanera Photographers in Venice, we have done most of the Photoshoots on a gondola. The gondola ride lasts 20-30 minutes and we will be on board with the 15 year old to take pictures with amazing backgrounds.


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