Venice Photo Shoot by CB Photographers

Many Couples arrive on their "Special Day" for their first ever Professional Photo Shoot.

This can generally create some embarrassment as you have never been in that Situation.

A Photo Shoot few months earlier could tear down many walls between you and the Photographer and there will be relax and fun during the Photo Shoot.

Once the Photo Shoot is done there are many things you can do with the Pictures.

They can be given as a gift!!

Parents and Family always appreciate pictures of their children.

We will create together Memories that nobody can forget!

This young Couple has been travelling around Europe and they have a Professional Photo Shoot done in any location to remember forever their holiday. We made a really romantic tour of Venice taking Pictures in many stunning locations, from the must haves locations as San Mark square to other unknown location that tourist will never find. They really enjoy the tour and the Photos that we create!


It’s so easy to forget these special moments, the first time in Venice, the first dinner, the first walk in the hidden streets of Venice. It's very easy to forget the first time in Italy but a Vacation Photo Shoot it's a perfect way to make this things unforgettable!!!


And that’s why we love creating Photo Shoots. They aren’t just pictures, they are indelible memories. It’s such an honour to be able to capture these special Vacation moments and create a legacy of memories for years to come.

I want you to really enjoy your Photography experience with us. Your Photo Shoot will be relaxed and fun.


After the Photo Session, we’ll nicely retouch your pictures to make sure you look your absolute fantastic!

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