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Every year many Couples chose to  Get Married or Elope to Italy and most of the times they chose Venice to celebrate their love; a romantic city surrounded by history and art which create a fabulous setting. 

Venice is the most spectacular and exclusive location for the Wedding you have been dreaming for long time, among characteristic canals and breathtaking venues, and choosing the best Wedding Photographer in Venice will leave you tangible memories to keep for you for the rest of your life.

Carlo and his team will capture the entire magic of an authentic Wedding in Italy. No matter if you flow in Venice with your soulmate or with dozens of friends and family, any picture will give you unforgettable moments to live again in the years to come.


Locations and receptions for your destination wedding in Venice

There are so many beautiful Venues in Venice. You can choose a civil venue, a religious venue or a symbolic one in case you already got married in your city.

As a Wedding Photographer in Venice I want to show you my favourites Venues:

Palazzo Cavalli (for civil wedding)

-San Giorgio dei Greci (religious orthodox)

Church of Redentore Venice (religious catholic)

San Pietro di Castello (religiuous catholic)

San Rocco (religious catholic)

Synagogue Levantina (religius jewish)

- Ca Sagredo Hotel (symbolic)


After the Ceremony, in case you have guests. your Wedding Photographer in Venice will follow you at the reception which can be lunch/dinner and it can be followed by a party. There are plenty of beautiful stuctures that offer all of this. Most of time our clients choose to do everything in an hotel. I've been a Venice Wedding Photographer for many many Weddings but my favourite locations for the recepions in Venice are the following:


Ca' Sagredo Hotel

Aman Hotel

Danieli Hotel


If you want to know more about our favourite locations and receptions read this article.


How does a wedding shooting in Venice work?

 The Shooting starts during the bride and the groom getting ready. Depending on the ceremony time, there will be a shooting before or after it just with the couple around the most idyllic places around Venice. I always advise my clients to have a shooting at sunrise too, when Venice is not crowded and it's possible to shoot in any single street or bridge. It is also an incredible experience to see a silent city.


We can't wait to make indelible your romantic dream!


Carlo and Liz are Wedding Photographers working in Venice and all over Italy.


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