my work in colour by cb photographer venice

Welcome to my personal gallery, a curated collection that delves into my passion for photography beyond my core business. Here, you'll find a selection of images that reflect my love for capturing the world around us, showcasing moments and scenes that have inspired me deeply.


Photography, for me, is more than just a profession—it's a way of seeing the world, of capturing fleeting moments and eternalizing them through my lens. While my primary work focuses on family and wedding photography in the enchanting city of Venice, this gallery offers a glimpse into the broader spectrum of my artistic vision.


In this collection, you'll encounter a diverse array of subjects, each photograph telling its own unique story. From the serene beauty of nature to the vibrant energy of urban life, these images represent my journey as an artist, always exploring and finding beauty in unexpected places. Whether it’s the intricate details of a flower in bloom, the interplay of light and shadow on a historic building, or the spontaneous joy of people in their everyday lives, each photo is a testament to my commitment to capturing the essence of the moment.


This gallery is a reflection of my ongoing exploration and experimentation in the world of photography. It allows me to step outside the familiar and challenge myself creatively, seeking new perspectives and honing my skills. It's a place where my personal projects come to life, each image a result of my passion for capturing the world as I see it.


I invite you to explore this gallery and immerse yourself in the stories and emotions each photograph conveys. These images are a part of my personal journey as a photographer, and I hope they resonate with you as much as they do with me. If any of these photos speak to you or if you simply want to share your thoughts, feel free to reach out. Your feedback and connections are always appreciated.


Thank you for visiting and sharing in my passion for photography.

Shooting for

The streets of Bangkok

Wires Mess in Bangkok

Temple of Bangkok 2

Krabi Hot Springs

Royal Crematorium, Bangkok

Gran Canal with fog

San Giorgio island, Venice