21. July 2019
Photoshoot in Venice Italy: a fun way to visit the city and have unforgettable memories with you for the rest of your life in an amazing background. Samantha and her husband, after their wedding they chose us as their photographer for a photoshoot in Venice.
14. July 2019
A gorgeous wedding in Ca'Sagredo hotel in Venice. A really moving cerimony sorrounded by a fantastic location in Venice where the dreams come true!!!

27. June 2019
A very sweet sunrise full of romanticism for thie beautiful couple who came in Venice during their vacation in Europe-
27. June 2019
a Photoshoot in Venice is a great experience that every tourist should do at least once! You will spend up to 3 hours walking around an incredible city exploring hidden locations that will leave you speachless.

11. June 2019
A Wedding proposal full of emotions for this amazing couple. Venice gave them an unique atmosphere full of romanticism.
07. June 2019
Sara is an actress and supermodel who appeared in many movies around the States and Thailand. And you can tell that for her her beauty and amazig poses!! She came to Venice on vacation with her fiancè and she chose us as her photographer for a Venice photoshoot.

02. June 2019
We can prove that photoshoots in a rainy day are possibile! Andrew and Diaisy were in Venice just for one day and the wanted so bad to have their photoshoot done by us. And we wanted them just to be happy and we made it! Even in rainy days the light can create a wonderful atmosphere. Enjoy this photoshoot!
02. June 2019
We are glad to show you the photos that this couple will post to tell the news they got engaged in Venice! This engagement photoshoot was made with the beautiful light of sunset.

22. May 2019
Memory sometimes plays tricks and to remember a holiday made at a particular moment in one's life there is nothing better than a photo shoot done by a professional photographer! Browse the photos to admire enchanting places that Venice offers to the millions of tourists that populate it every year!
22. May 2019
Love is in the air! We love doing couple photoshoots to stress free couples on vacation in Venice! They can enjoy any single moment of this experience that they will never forget and we will make them discover unforgettable location in Venice.

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