02. September 2020
A Unique wedding surprise proposal in Venice!!!
02. September 2020
A great atmosphere and light for this incredible surprise wedding proposal in San Giorgio island!!

15. August 2020
An amazing wedding photoshoot in one of the most beautiful Venice's island... Burano
08. July 2020
A great Family photoshoot during a summer period with an incredible family...

08. July 2020
An incredible wedding photo reportage in one of the most beautiful venue in the north of Italy.
06. April 2020
Our first wedding photoreportage in Padua after the Covid crisis.

21. March 2020
A lot of emotions for this couple photoshoot in Italy!!!
18. February 2020
A FEW HISTORICAL INFO ABOUT THE CARNIVAL IN VENICE... Its origins are ancient: the first dates back to a document of the king Falier of 1094, where it speaks of public entertainment and the word Carnival was mentioned for the first time. The Carnival festival was attributed by the Venetian aristocrathic people to the need of the Serenissima Republic, to grant the population, especially to the poor people, a period dedicated entirely for fun, during which the Venetians flocked throughout the...

04. February 2020
"I have been a destination italian wedding photographer for years. In fact, it's the first kind of wedding that I specialized after becoming a wedding photographer." - "I started my career as a wedding photographer in Venice, Italy. My first years of weddings centered just around Veneto , from Venice til Verona. I loved those historical and dreamy city weddings, the beautiful Canals in Venice, the incredible Verona's hills venues and the beautiful Lake Garda. My favorite Venues in Venice and...
01. February 2020
An amazing winter pre wedding photoshoot with a very beautiful couple!!

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