05. November 2019
A lovely family in Venice for a summer photoshoot!
04. November 2019
Padua is one of the most ancient and beautiful city in Italy. Its countryside is a perfect location for a wedding reportage.

24. October 2019
An amazing wedding photoshoot of Alex and Vika, a splendid couple from Russia who decided to spend their wedding day here in Venice.
21. October 2019
An unforgettable wedding in Verona at Castello Bevilacqua, an incredible venue in the Verona hills region.

17. October 2019
One of the most beautiful and intense wedding surprise proposal on a gondola in Venice this year.
21. July 2019
Photoshoot in Venice Italy: a fun way to visit the city and have unforgettable memories with you for the rest of your life in an amazing background. Samantha and her husband, after their wedding they chose us as their photographer for a photoshoot in Venice.

14. July 2019
A gorgeous wedding in Ca'Sagredo hotel in Venice. A really moving cerimony sorrounded by a fantastic location in Venice where the dreams come true!!!
27. June 2019
A very sweet sunrise full of romanticism for thie beautiful couple who came in Venice during their vacation in Europe-

27. June 2019
a Photoshoot in Venice is a great experience that every tourist should do at least once! You will spend up to 3 hours walking around an incredible city exploring hidden locations that will leave you speachless.
11. June 2019
A Wedding proposal full of emotions for this amazing couple. Venice gave them an unique atmosphere full of romanticism.

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