Rialto Bridge Surprise Proposal

Rialto Bridge Proposal

The Wedding Surprise Proposal must be special and unforgettable and it is very important to choose the perfect location for this magnificent day.

The most romantic city for a Proposal is Venice, which with its architectural beauty and the magic that surrounds it, will make your proposal truly romantic and special.


There are numerous locations that offer a breathtaking backdrop and one of these overlooks the iconic Rialto Bridge, a magnificent location that will make your Surprise Proposal in Venice truly unique.

The worry will certainly be present because, once you have chosen the location in front of the Rialto Bridge, you will have many doubts, such as the most suitable time, the doubt that there are too many people and many other questions that we will clarify for you shortly.


But first of all there is another factor that is fondamental: the choice of your Venice Proposal Photographer to immortalize one of the most important and sweet moments of your life, a moment that you can share with friends and families.

A good Venice Photographer will guide you, through an intense exchange of emails prior to the Proposal, on how to deal with that precious moment.

One of our strengths is that the Venice Surprise Proposal in front of the Rialto Bridge will be Photographed by two Photographers so as not to miss any expression of joy and love on your faces.

After the Surprise Proposal we will continue the Proposal Photoshoot in Venice in the most enchanting places that the city offers, so, in addition to the photos of the Proposal, you will have magnificent Photos of the Couple for your Engagement. 

Tips for a perfect Wedding Proposal in front of the Rialto Bridge

When is the most suitable time for a wedding proposal in front of the Rialto Bridge?

Being a Venice Photographer born and raised in Venice, I know well the flow of people that can be found in that area. My advice, being one of the most touristy areas of the city, is to make the Surprise Proposal at dawn or in the early morning.

How does the proposal in front of the Rialto Bridge happen, step by step?

Your Venice Proposal Photographer will guide you by giving you all the necessary information and making the whole process extremely easy.

First of all he will send you the exact location, sending you a Google Pin, of where the Venice Proposal will be performed in front of Rialto Bridge.

Afterwards the Photographers will send you a Photo of themselves so they can be recognized and will ask you for a Photo of yourself.

The Venice Proposal Photographers will pretend to be a Couple of tourists, and when you kneel down they will start shooting.


Do you recommend elegant clothing for the stage in front of the Rialto bridge?

We believe that an elegant outfit goes beautifully with the Venetian setting, but if you are more casual this certainly won't ruin your Proposal.

Is it possible to propose in front of the Rialto bridge during the photo shoot?

Of course!!! In this case you will only tell your Girlfriend that you have booked a Couple Photo Shoot in Venice and, once you have arrived at the right location, we will give you a signal indicating that you can kneel.

How many months in advance do I have to book the Venice photographer for the surprise proposal in front of Rialto Bridge?

The sooner the better! Especially in the summer season we are very busy and it is always recommended to book a few months in advance.

Is it possible that the marriage proposal on the Rialto Bridge can be photographed in winter?

Obviously yes, even winter is magnificent in Venice and your Proposal Photos will be unforgettable.

If it rains on the day of the marriage proposal, can the Venice proposal photographer still work?

If the rain is not heavy it is possible.



In case of bad weather or high water the proposal in front of the Rialto bridge may be canceled or postponed?

If we are available it can be postponed or brought forward, if this is not possible it can be canceled without any cost.

After how many days will we receive the photos of the wedding proposal?

We will send you the photos in 2/3 days in Jpeg format.

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