A Romantic Venice Photo Shoot

A Venice Photoshoot with a Romantic Style Photographer

When a couple is so photogenic, it's really hard to choose the best shots!

Smiles, hugs and kisses are so natural that they thrilled us so much during this Romantic Photo Shoot in Venice.

Despite being together since they are only 17 years old, their love shines from every photo!

Dawn then gave us a wonderful light making this Romantic Photo Shoot in Venice even more magical.


Venice is a very popular tourist destination for its history and its architecture that leaves every traveler speechless.

During the trip to Venice, however, you risk looking at the city with your phone in your hand to remember this unforgettable trip and it will certainly be full of selfies. Sometimes, however, it is better to leave your phone in your pocket and experience the city and have photos taken by a professional photographer.

Choosing to do a Venice Romantic Photoshoot will allow you to have photos of yourself, with your partner with  breathtaking backgrounds and will give you memories for a lifetime.

During the Venice Romantic Photo Shoot we will guide you to the most characteristic places of Venice and also to the most secret ones, giving you the opportunity to take photos with breathtaking scenery.



Venice Romantic Photoshoot... faq

How long does the Venice romantic Photoshoot last?

It can last from 60 to 90minutes, depending on the package chosen.

What is the best time for the Venice romantic Photoshoot?

The best time is definitely dawn. Venice is a tourist city and therefore very crowded from 9 onwards in the morning. Another fundamental aspect is the light, that of dawn has something magical and will make your photos taken in the Romantic Photoshoot unforgettable.

Where will the photos be taken in the Venice romantic Photoshoot?


The photos will be taken in the San Marco area and then moved along the characteristic streets that lead to the Academy for longer services .


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