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San Mark Square, Venice, Italy is a unique place for a Surprise Proposal with great photography locations around the lagoon and many ancient buildings. The Photos below are from one of the most suggestive Surprise Proposal where our dear client planned the events well in advance and hired us as his Photographers and our photography service to capture the memories of the day with high quality pictures. The sunset light in the background across the Venice sky produce an incredible and unique effect which results in romantic Proposal portraits. There are several luxury hotels at this location that can make for staying the night after a fancy dinner lots of fun for the couple. In this example the couple stay in one of the most beautiful Gondola stop in Venice: San Zaccaria.

I can't imagine anything more romantic than a Proposal during a Gondola Ride.

Andy planned a Photoshoot with us but his girlfriend had no idea he wanted to make this sweet Proposal on a Gondola.

With an awesome view on the background he went on his knees and he showed her the engagement ring.

It's always very heartwarming to be the Photographer who will leave you memories to enjoy for the years to come.

Gondola-Proposal Photographer
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what is a gondola proposal?

One of the most romantic Proposals in Venice is the Proposal on a Gondola.
When clients contact me to be their Photographer for the Gondola Proposal I try to give all the necessary information so that there are no problems.
The Proposal Photographer will be on board with you, and when you kneel down we will take Photos that will remain in your hearts forever.

Why should I propose on a gondola?

The Gondola is the symbol of Venice and any woman (or man) would be amazed to receive a Proposal on board a Gondola. The Gondola crosses small wonderful canals that cannot be reached on foot, giving the Proposal (and also the Photos of the Proposal in Venice) something magical.

Should I hire a photographer?

The Engagement Proposal is one of the most beautiful and exciting moments in an individual's life and having wonderful Photographs of the Proposal in a Gondola will give you the opportunity to relive that moment whenever you want and to share it with friends and families.
Many times our clients announce their Engagement simply by sending a Photo of the Proposal on a Gondola. So hiring a Photographer for your Gondola Proposal is definitely a plus for this event!!

What can I expect from the process?

It's all very simple. I send the google maps location of the Gondola Stop. During the Gondola ride I will then make a signal indicating that the marriage proposal can begin. This happens when there is a spectacular backdrop that will make the Surpirse Proposal on a Gondola in Venice incredibly special. The partner can then kneel down and say the fateful question.
We also usually pretend to be tourists who want to share the Gondola so as not to arouse suspicion.


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    Joshua (Friday, 29 April 2022 09:03)

    Hi I was wondering on a price for your services If I was to propose to my girlfriend In venice on a gondola and I was wondering what service you can provide. I was hoping to hire a photographer and a gondola. If this is any Interest to you can you please provide details.

    Kind regards.