Is it possible to get married in Italy during Summer 2021? A Venice Photographer Answer...

 Many couples are wondering if it is possible to get married in Venice, Florence, Lake Garda and the rest of Italy in the summer of 2021 with covid-19 and as Venice Photographers we can say that:

Numerous spouses who had planned to get married in 2020 have postponed their wedding hoping that the Covid-19 situation in 2021 would have definitely improved.

Few couples confirmed their Destination Wedding in Venice in summer 2020 and we have to admit that they made an excellent choice. The restrictions implemented in Italy and Europe have been many, we have all been back from months of lockdown that have made our life different from what we were used to. Usuality was the protagonist of 2020 which saw us confined to our homes. Arriving in May, thanks to the warm weather and the restrictions that evidently helped to stem the Covid, we returned to a sort of normality. Weddings in Venice celebrated in the summer 2020 were the most beautiful we have witnessed as Venice Photographer

In addition to the joy of celebrating a loving couple who crown their dream, there was also an immense joy in meeting close friends and relatives who made every wedding magical.

Although we are used to seeing numerous weddings every year, last year we were moved behind the lens because happiness and lightheartedness was present in every single person who could not wait to have fun and spend time with people they care to. We were so delighted to be venice photographer last year!!


Unfortunately today the situation has not improved, although the current situation is not as bad as last year, we have not yet come out victorious and many copuples are now wondering if it is appropriate to postpone the wedding in Venice, Lake Garda, Verona and the rest of Italy in summer 2022.

The restrictions are still many but surely with the arrival of summer and after months of soft lockdown we can return to our lives.

Our advice, having experienced unforgettable weddings last year, is not to postpone your wedding. Perhaps you will not be able to have 100 guests but it will certainly be possible to have a circle of friends and relatives by your side, who now as never before, will be ready to celebrate you and make your dream come true.

On April 6 we will know for sure the number of guests that the bride and groom will have and we hope with all our heart that it will be enough to have the wedding of your dreams.


Obviously couples are free to postpone their Destination Wedding in Venice and Italy in 2022, but are we really sure that in 2022 it will be possible to celebrate weddings in Italy and in the rest of Europe without restrictions of any kind? Is it a risk worth taking?

Life goes on and we must not let ourselves be conditioned in everything by this pandemic, we must try to go on seeking the happiness that is due.


All destination wedding suppliers are aware that there may be impediments, and it is precisely for this reason that most undertake not to withhold the deposit in the event of cancellation or postponement of the wedding.

We do not even require the deposit in order to make the couples feel free to change the date or cancel their Destination Wedding even a few days before the event.


We wish all the couples to make their dream come true as soon as possible!

Whatever choice you make, we will always be, as photographer in venice, by your side to advise you for the better choice.

For us, the most important thing is that your experience in Italy is going to be wonderful and unforgettable and we will always work for this.

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