What to Wear for a Venice Photoshoot?

On this page you can find some Ideas for your Outfit for a Photo Shoot in Venice.

We would like to point out that these are our suggestions and that we DO NOT impose any type of outfit.

But for those who have doubts, I hope I can provide some useful and appreciated ideas!

Enjoy the reading!

Best Outfit for a Photoshoot in Venice.

You have booked your Photo Shoot in Venice. You know all the details such as the time of the photo shoot, the duration, the cost. But now you have to decide what to wear.

It is a choice to which you will have to pay a lot of attention because the Outfit during the Photo Shoot is Very Important as it will give character to your photos and will make you even more harmonious and beautiful if it is chosen carefully.



Outfit Choice of colours for a Venice Photoshoot.

First of all, decide on the color.

Opt for solid color clothes or in the same color palette. Don't use too strong contrasts: if you have decided to wear a white sweater or shirt, don't wear black trousers but more neutral colors such as cream or beige.

Dark Colors will make you slimmer and light ones will give freshness especially in Photo Shoots done during the Summer.

Do not use shirts with large logos or designs. In this case the attention will not only be focused on you and the atmosphere that Venice offers but on your shirt.


Don't use t-shirts with funny characters or designs, not even on children, but keep the palette you have chosen without too many contrasts.

What Women can Wear for a Photoshoot in Venice.

Once you have chosen the color you need to consider the type of dress.

A big YES to Long, Flowing and Silky Dresses. They will make the figure slender and harmonious and above all you can play with your dress during the photo shoot, making the photo dynamic but at the same time romantic and grandiose. The dress can have a slit or not. If the neckline is asymmetrical all the better, it will give dynamism. Even if it seems exaggerated and too elegant, I guarantee you that it won't be like that and indeed, if you have that very elegant dress in your wardrobe that you only wore once for an event, well, it's time to wear it!!

Be careful not to use wrinkled clothes for the photo shoot. Every hotel has a steamer so get to work the night before and remove every crease.

In the case of a change of clothes, I recommend bringing a synthetic dress with you so that, even if put in a bag, it won't wrinkle.

If you love tight dresses you can wear them anyway, but honestly I recommend them to those who are not in front of a camera  for the first time because you will have to be very casual in a dress that doesn't allow much movement.

If you prefer a short dress, look for one that is not too tight to give more dynamism to the photos.

Casual outfits:

If elegant clothes are not up your alley, don't wear them. During the photo shoot in Venice you must feel beautiful, and if you feel better with more casual outfits, wear them!

Avoid shorts and baggy t-shirts but perhaps opt for jeans or palazzo trousers with gradated colours.


What Men can Wear for a Photoshoot in Venice

For men it is always easier because the choice is more limited.

You can wear a shirt and trousers or even a turtleneck or an elegant suit.

The important thing is to have matching colors. Don't forget the color of your belt, shoes and socks either. If you use a beige-toned suit, avoid black shoes but opt for brown shoes. If you have a black suit, the shoes must be black! Even if you have chosen a casual outfit, avoid white running shoes.


In summer you can also use short trousers, the important thing is that they are elegant and not sports shorts.


ACCESSORIES for a Venice Photoshoot

You can use refined and not too flashy jewels. Or if you have a flashy accessory, stay very sober with others.

Avoid watches (for both him and her) that will draw attention away from your faces in photos when you hug or hold each other's faces.

 Avoid hats.

SHOES for a Venice Photo Shoot

For her, heeled shoes are preferable. It will slim your figure and every pose will be more harmonious. Walking in Venice is not easy because the pavement is not linear and you walk a lot. Bring comfortable shoes (or flip flops) with you so you can alternate them while traveling.


Venice Photoshoot MAKEUP

Makeup is a fundamental step. With the right makeup your complexion will be flawless and luminous and your eyes will be more magnetic. A Makeup Artist for the photoshoot in Venice will make you look amazing in any photo!


If you don't hire a make-up artist, the important thing is to choose the right shade of foundation. It must be the same color as the chest. For your eyes, go for earth colours, they can be more or less intense depending on your habit. However, keep in mind that 50% of the makeup is not visible in the photo, so you can go ahead and dare. A big yes to false eyelashes!


Venice photoshoot HAIR

The soft waves are magnificent and you can also play a little with your hair. However, remember to do them expertly without finding yourself having to move the baby hair constantly or having the hair fall too much on your face.

 Avoid too stiff hairstyles and ponytails.

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