Venice Surprise Proposal at Ponte Chiodo

Surprise Proposal on Ponte Chiodo in Venice

Ponte Chiodo is a unique location for a Wedding Proposal in Venice as it is not a bridge like all the others, it is a bridge without a parapet. Bridges were once built just like this, then for safety reasons, parapets were added to all the bridges that had been built, except for the Chiodo Bridge, the only bridge in Venice left without a parapet.

Ponte Chiodo is located in the Cannaregio district and is surrounded by small streets and characteristic canals that will make your Wedding Surprise Proposal unforgettable.


I have the pleasure of having been the Photographer of many Surprise Proposals made on the Chiodo Bridge and they all have an incredible romance!

There is also another positive aspect in making the Marriage Proposal on the Ponte Chiodo: we Photographers, thanks to our lenses, will be able to shoot from the bridge positioned in front and, for this reason, your partner will not notice the presence of the Photographer until at the end and he will be able to show his feelings without seeing that we are immortalizing the whole scene. Furthermore, as it is a bridge without a parapet you will be totally visible and your Surprise Wedding Proposal on the Chiodo Bridge in Venice will be enchanting.


After the Proposal the Photo Shoot will not be finished. We will take you to hidden and breathtaking places, we will walk together, photographing spontaneous moments and emotions of this unforgettable day.

Not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera and if so you absolutely don't have to worry, we will give you little tips and tricks to live this experience in a fun way!

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