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This vacation shooting in Venice has two very special protagonists. We love the dawn in Venice and we love photography as well.
Some people want to have their photoshoot done during their vacation. If you are a solo traveller selfies are not enough and it's nice to have some professional photos taken. Enjoy this individual photohoshoot in Venice!

Anniversary Photo Shoot in Venice- Photographer Venice
A romantic way to celebrate the first year of marriage. The Anniversary Photoshoot in the heart of Venice will create new memories celebrating the 30th year as husband and wife. Ann and Vas had a really good vibe and you can see their love in any Photo.
Couple Photoshoot in Venice Italy - Photographer
A Couple Photo Shoot Session is a fun way to share memories together and to celebrate your love with your partner. Venice gives an amazing background and having a Photo shoot is an unforgettable experience. Hire your Professional Photographer that will capture your love!

Surprise Proposal in Venice Italy - Photoshoot
A romantic surprise proposal in Venice Italy. This is an unforgettable moment for any couple and I'm glad I had the opportunity to be the photographer of this photoshoot! ... and she said "Yes!"