Maternity Photographer in Aviano

Veronica contacted me when she was 5 months pregnant asking me to be her Maternity Photographer in Aviano and 3 months later, when her baby bump was big and wonderful, we met to photograph her with her first child and her husband.

It was exciting to see happiness in the eyes of all three and this is the thing I love most and it is the reason that makes me proud to be a Maternity Photgrapher in Aviano and in the rest of Italy.

The Maternity Photoshoot took place in their home located in Aviano. A lovely place where I struggled to stop taking pictures!

I am proud to share the photos of their Maternity Photoshoot that gave me so many emotions.

Photographer Aviano
Aviano Photographer
Maternity Photographer
Maternity Photographer Aviano

Aviano Maternity Photographer
Aviano Photographer
Photographer Aviano
Maternity Photoshoot
Maternity Photoshoot Aviano
Aviano Maternity Photoshoot

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